empowering working lives by supporting personal lives

Kinhub is a health and wellbeing platform that provides your employees with personalised support whenever and wherever they need it. Find out how Kinhub can help your organisation by booking a demo, or exploring our library of free resources for employers


one-stop-shop for employee health and wellbeing

Our personalised platform provides curated content and 1:1 sessions with industry-leading experts on topics related to health and wellbeing at every stage of life’s journey


We connect your employees with consultants at the top of their fields for 1:1 coaching and guidance

Practical, easy to
access guidance

Our health and wellbeing content is bite-size and accessible around the clock for all platform users

Built for

Kinhub is applicable & sensitive to all genders, ages, ethnicities and sexualities at every stage of life

Training for
your team

Train your managers to be more empathetic, supportive and prepared for difficult conversations.

how Kinhub supports your people

Personalised support for every employee

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when your people do well, your business does too

Together, we have the opportunity to make workforces more engaged, empowered and inclusive

£56 bn

Is what it costs UK businesses every year in stress-related illnesses


Of people who leave a company do so because of unhealthy work-life boundaries.

1 in 5

Employees are at risk of leaving the workforce due to caregiving responsibilities.

Find out how the university of Exeter has been working with Kinhub to turn these statistics on their head

end to end care for each employee's
unique circumstances

more present at home and more productive at work

For companies

Attract and retain top talent

Give your teams another reason to stay and become more attractive to prospective employees looking for a progressive and supportive place to work

Build a diverse and dynamic workforce

To create the inclusive workforces of the future, businesses need multi-faceted care to support an increasingly diverse workforce. Kinhub is that support

Reduce absenteeism

Make sure your employees have access to the right support ahead of time and before they need to take time off

For people

Expert guidance that's personalised

Empower your people to be their best in their personal and professional lives by giving them access to experts that understand the challenges they face

Flexible and accessible around the clock

Convenient support 24/7 that works around the needs and schedules of your employees

Hybrid support for a hybrid workforce

Kinhub provides both online and offline consultations, workshops and support to suit everyone’s preferences and needs

meet our expert team of consultants

When you sign-up to Kinhub, you give your people free, unlimited access to a dedicated team of specialists.

Live chat, video or in-person appointments
Smart patient-consultant matching
Easy access to 1-2-1 support from our specialist consultants

On hand for your team 24/7, for whenever they need support and guidance

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people leads and HR directors love Kinhub

Happy engaged teams with high levels of wellbeing make for better performing companies. Kinhub has moved quickly to solve a new need for businesses.

Craig from Google

We've had some great feedback, our people love the support on offer from the Kinhub team.

Kathryn from J.P. Morgan

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