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24/7 access to world-renowned family and wellness experts

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Access to our suite of leading wellbeing experts via chat and 1:1 video support from the comfort of your home

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When your people do well, your business does too

As the lines between work and home life continue to blur, investing in employee wellness has never been more important


Of fathers want to downshift their working role due to a lack of work-family balance


Of mothers report having a negative experience during their maternity leave and return to work


Of women say their employer has no menopause policy, with 10% leaving their company as a result

More present at home and more productive in the office

Help the talent in your business stay

And be more attractive to prospective employees looking for a modern and supportive place to work.

Meet the well-being needs of your entire workforce

Analytics & insights target the right resources and responses to your employees needs.

Minimise the frequency and effect of absent staff

Manage absenteeism by enabling people to find the care they deserve before needing to take time out.

Guidance that's personalised

Helping employees be their best through tailored support offered via a private and secure platform.

Access to professional wellness consultants

Industry experts help families navigate the world of parenting, from planning, to adolescence, and beyond.

Improve the balance between work and family life

24/7 service offering instant answers so families are never alone and can focus on what matters most.

Free resources for employers

Wellbeing can have a huge impact on workplace culture, engagement, performance, and productivity. Here are a few guides to get you started.

The pandemic & the great resignation

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Helping the talent in your business stay

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Returning to the office: The dos and don’ts for employers

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Kinhub has built a virtual network of industry leading experts to make sure you’re always surrounded with the guidance you need.

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Extensive range of expert disciplines
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We’ve had some great feedback, our people love the support on offer from the Kinhub team.

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