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it’s time to talk about men’s health

Pick 5 men in your workplace. Have you got them in mind? Shockingly, 1 in 5 of your male colleagues won’t make it to retirement age due to preventable illnesses that if detected earlier would save 50% of premature deaths.

A tragic but true reality.

And what’s more is that suicide remains the leading cause of death in men under 35 years resulting from deteriorating mental health and dangerous taboos that suggest that men should ‘man up’.

We also know that men are far less likely to seek medical support from a GP, so the neglect of men’s health, mental and physical, is a ticking time bomb.

Isn’t it time we stopped neglecting men’s health in the workplace?

Isn’t it TIME TO TALK?

How can organisations better support male colleagues, create open conversations, and foster a culture where men proactively seek out help at the RIGHT time?

Kinhub, along with our panel of men’s health experts, is breaking down the taboo in this virtual event that promises to ask the hard questions and seek the truth about how your company can improve health outcomes and potentially save the lives of half your workforce.

Join us in support of International Men’s Day (19th November) to take a long hard look at how we turn the tide on the future wellbeing of male colleagues and create a new brighter reality.

Breaking the Taboo of Being ‘Tough’ - A Spotlight on Men’s Health at Work

Tuesday, 21st November 2023 at 11.00 am (UK time)

attendees will be invited to skip the waitlist and receive one month’s FREE ACCESS to the Kinhub coaching platform for personal use

what you can expect to gain from this event

the real cost: The shocking truth behind neglecting men’s health

topic specialists:
Meet men’s health experts who can guide you on how to prioritise your wellbeing

real-world strategy:
Actionable advice on how you can change the status quo and create better physical and mental health outcomes for men

meet your speakers

We’ve got an expert panel of thought leaders, dedicated to helping your people and business thrive by building more inclusive and supported teams that drive organisational change.

Chris Attoe

NHS-trained Occupational Health Psychologist

Chris is an NHS-trained Occupational Health Psychologist with a background in improving people's working lives and mental health. Chris has considerable experience in supporting organisations to improve the working lives of their staff.

Alex Holmes

Solution-focused Therapeutic Coach

Alex is a Coach for Men’s Health with experience in working with executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and other professionals from high performing industries. Alex specialises in improving men’s mental health through therapeutic coaching, writing, research, and resources that challenge societal stereotypes and promote mindful masculinity.

Richard Harris

Founder of Polestar Hypnotherapy and Mind Mastery

Richard is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. He has extensive experience with helping anxious people, those who are stressed, or just feeling a bit ‘flat’ by working with them on small, realistic steps towards their desired outcome.

the agenda

With our latest inspirational session, we are here to help you build a diversity strategy that not only helps your people thrive but builds a stronger, more attractive organisation for the future. Here’s what we’ve got in store.

  • Welcome and introductions (5 minutes)
  • Keynote ‘Time to Talk - Spotlight on Men’s Health at Work’ with Alex Holmes (15 minutes)
  • Panel discussion ‘Breaking the Taboo of Being ‘Tough’ (20 minutes)
  • Audience Q&A (10 minutes)
  • Chris Attoe, Chief of Staff at Kinhub, Roundup (5 minutes)

dates for your diary: upcoming events in ‘Diversity: The Spice of Life’ series


(International Day of People with Disabilities - Sunday, 3rd December)

Empowering DIVERSEability
Tuesday, 5th December | 2.30 pm - 3.20 pm

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