Kinhub's Mission

Kinhub was born out of three founders' personal experiences with balancing personal life, work and wellbeing. They each have their own unique stories and have spent hours chatting to hundreds of individuals and families in order to truly understand their needs and how to best support them.

We provide the tools to make sure you’re proactive in supporting your employees before they reach a point of crisis.

The co-founders

Erika Brodnock


The powerhouse behind Kinhub is Erika Brodnock, who as a mother of five has suffered from postnatal depression after the arrival of her youngest child. She knows first hand that there are many difficulties people face along life's key journeys.

With this in mind, she’s made it Kinhub's mission to be a trusted source that makes sure everyone can find the right balance and get the guidance they need, when they need it.

Jacob Herandi


Jacob has over 10 years experience in the investment and fintech sectors, holding operations and finance roles. Having worked in both corporate and tech environments, he is well placed to manage the roll out of the Kinhub platform to organisations and employees.

Helen Yannakoudakis


Helen has extensive expertise in NLP and machine learning, with a number of publications in top-tier venues, such as NeurIPS and ACL, and has proposed several novel and state-of-the-art approaches for a range of real-world NLP applications.

Committed to parity & equality

Community support

Kinhub provides free support to low income families via a novel 3:1 matched subscription service

Global impact

Kinhub contributes to good health & wellbeing, reduced inequalities and improved gender equality via ESG

Workplace equality

Kinhub is committed to closing the gender pay gap by enabling women to remain and thrive in their careers


Our cohort of experienced specialists and practitioners providing judgement-free, evidence-backed support.

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