Breaking the stigma of menopause

Get insights on how employers can support the fastest growing demographic in the workplace—female employees going through menopause.

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Did you know 10% of women leave the workforce due to menopause? That’s not all. UK businesses lose over 14 million working days each year due to perimenopause and menopause.

Even in today’s progressive business landscape, many treat the topic of menopause as taboo, however, this perspective is gradually shifting as employers are encouraged to create awareness and offer support.

At Kinhub our team consists of consultants who specialise in helping women going through perimenopause and menopause get the support they need to minimise the impact of symptoms, decrease the intensity of the symptoms, and much more. In our guide—Breaking the Stigma of Menopause—we discuss in detail the struggles faced by women and how employers can offer support.

Kinhub’s FREE guide offers insights on:

What is Menopause?

Important statistics for employers

Creating supportive workplaces

Benefits of addressing menopause in the workplace

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