How employers can offer menopause support at work

Women going through menopause are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce, this is why at Kinhub we’re helping employers eliminate the stigma around the topic while empowering them to offer menopause support at work.

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Menopause and the workplace

Employers and employees need to remember that menopause is a natural occurrence for female employees and that support needs to be available to help women going through perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms.

Menopause can influence a woman’s work life since the symptoms can affect their ability to concentrate and carry out their roles.

A survey conducted by the British Menopause Society revealed that 45% of women felt that menopausal symptoms had a negative impact on their roles while 47% responded stating that they take a leave of absence to cope with the effects—without informing their employer about the exact reason.

Many women experience severe symptoms that make it extremely challenging to carry out their duties and the situation only gets worse since women find it difficult to talk about it at work with their employers or colleagues.

Support your staff to endure through menopause

Menopause support at work is critical as employers try to actively be involved in every stage of menopause.

Having an open dialogue with employees, making menopause a commonly accepted topic of discussion, and understanding the needs of employees who are going through menopause can give employers the foundation they need to put procedures and policies in place to help employees continue their work effectively.

Training managers

Employees will have more confidence to speak to their managers if they know that their managers were trained to talk and listen, find ways to support them, have knowledge about menopause and its symptoms, and know the type of support the organisation offers.

Menopause policy

Help your staff feel supported by implementing a menopause policy—either as an addendum to an existing health and wellbeing policy or as a separate stand-alone policy. This should be shared across the organisation and should be the foundation of any training.

Health & safety checks

Employers generally conduct health and wellness checks for employees. For employees affected by menopause, employers must ensure that symptoms aren’t made worse by the workplace or its practices and should make changes to help staff going through menopause.

Menopause champions

Having a champion can help employees going through menopause. The purpose of a menopause champion is to act as the point of contact in the event that employees need advice or just someone to talk to if they don’t feel comfortable speaking to their managers. 

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Kinhub’s insights on menopause

Looking for insights on menopause support at work?

Take a look at our blog post—Menopause at work: How employers can support their employees—to explore the potential legislations being introduced to support women going through menopause in the workplace and the initiatives that employers can carry out to create supportive workplaces.

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