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Strengthen employees holistically with employee wellbeing in the workplace

Employee wellbeing in the workplace has an undeniable impact on an employee’s personal and professional life. In order to lead a full and happy life, employees need to focus on every aspect of their life instead of a select few.

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The importance of a holistic approach to employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is no longer limited to office gyms, after-work yoga classes, and meditation sessions. Today employee wellbeing is so much more complex than that.

Studies show that happy employees are 36% more motivated than their colleagues who aren’t. Additionally, they are 31% more likely to reach their goals. A study conducted by the University of Warwick also supports this finding as their independent research revealed that happy employees work harder and are more productive.

Many experts agree that the path to true wellness can only be achieved through overall wellbeing, making it a great opportunity for employers to take a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing in the workplace.

5 types of employee wellbeing in the workplace every employer needs to know

When it comes to wellbeing social psychologists agree that there are 5 ways to achieve overall wellbeing.

Among the 5 types of wellbeing, there are those like emotional wellbeing that take on a more prominent role. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, for instance, states that emotional wellbeing has a direct impact on mood regulation, better health outcomes, and even managing a robust immune system. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 types of wellbeing in the workplace.

Emotional wellbeing

The Health & Safety Executive states that 914,000 cases of work-related stress were reported in the UK in 2021/22. When it comes to working through mental health problems and emotional burdens, employers can help employees learn coping mechanisms. From psychological assistance to mindfulness, employees can be given the tools they need to overcome emotional distress.

Social wellbeing

Recently studies conducted by Harvard University revealed that meaningful relationships improve wellbeing just as much as quitting smoking or regular exercise. Encouraging interoffice friendships, organising training getaways or events, celebrating milestones, and creating homogenous workgroups are just a few ways that employers can achieve social wellbeing at the workplace.

Societal wellbeing

This refers to an employee's ability to be a part of a community and actively contribute to the development of the community. When your employees are socially connected they have the ability to face challenges more confidently and successfully. By encouraging empathy, understanding, and sharing, you can create a culture that values societal wellbeing at work.

Physical wellbeing

It’s no secret that employees don’t prioritise their health as much as they should. Focus on providing healthy on-the-go snacks or lunches, encouraging physical activity, and even making the workplace as stress-free as possible. Remember that physical wellbeing isn’t just about the absence of illness, it’s also about being able to keep up with a fast-paced life.

Workplace wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing plays a crucial role in the quantity and quality of the work your employees do. Every employee is a high investment and employers need to understand that meaningful work, clear career paths, and work-life balance are key to workplace wellbeing. Remember that employers lose so much more when employees are overly immersed in their work.

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Kinhub’s insights on employee wellbeing benefits

Proper implementation and execution of employee wellbeing benefits can give employees the tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our blog—Employee wellbeing benefits: Does it really make an impact on employee health and wellness—discusses the impact that employee wellbeing benefits have on employee health and wellness and so much more.

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