Employee wellbeing benefits: Does it really make an impact on employee health and wellness?

When properly executed, employee wellbeing benefits have the potential for giving employees the tools they need to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.


Employees today expect their employers to help them improve their lifestyles, but helping employees better their wellbeing journeys isn’t just an act of simple generosity from employers.

With almost 2 out of 5 UK employees expected to embrace hybrid working in 2023, employers see a number of benefits including increased profitability and productivity to lower safety incidents and employee turnover.

In fact, according to Gallup, employees who believe that their employers care about their health and wellbeing are 71% less likely to suffer from burnout and 69% less likely to search for another role elsewhere.

Emerging research and studies show that there’s a compelling case to be made for offering employee wellbeing benefits and its impact on employee health and wellness.

Evidence about the impact of employee wellbeing benefits on health and wellness

Take a moment to think about the employee wellbeing benefits that employers offer. It could be anything from maternity leave and retirement plans to paid time off and healthcare plans. While some may be required by law others are typically offered to recruit and retain employees.

What’s interesting is that there’s little to no evidence that shows these benefits are helping organisations to maintain their workforce. In fact, we offer them because we believe employees consider them to be important.

These metrics are in fact quite difficult to study and employers often feel that they help in attracting top talent, however, there’s no proof to back it up.

Now think about your wellbeing benefits and initiatives at work. Unlike the other benefits organisations offer, the benefits of wellbeing programs have been studied for years and are well documented and the research shows that there’s an overwhelming amount of data that supports the benefits of having a wellbeing program in place.

Does mental wellbeing come into play?

With the amount of stress factors that employees face today, mental wellbeing cannot be left out of the conversation. Wellbeing benefits that include mental and emotional support are also creating a significant impact on health and wellness.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6.8 people are suffering from mental health issues in the workplace. They also state that having the proper wellbeing benefits and initiatives in place can help save the UK up to £8 billion annually.

With all the evidence suggesting that employee wellbeing benefits are having a positive impact on health and wellness, it’s important for businesses to invest more resources into offering proactive measures to avoid any crises related to their employees before they arise.

Ways that employee wellbeing benefits improve wellness

When it comes to improving employee health and wellness the impact of employee wellbeing cannot be ignored—as the research suggests. So how can employees make drastic changes to their work and private lives through employee wellbeing benefits? Here are some ways that you could potentially experience the transformation.

  • Improving healthy living and behaviours
  • Reducing the risk of elevated health issues
  • Reducing the cost of healthcare
  • Building high employee morale
  • Reducing absenteeism

Final thoughts on wellbeing benefits and its impact by Kinhub

The amount of research that supports the belief that wellbeing benefits will positively impact employee health and wellbeing as being undeniable. Having a comprehensive wellbeing plan in place can help employees reach out for help when they need it while ensuring the availability of numerous support systems is key.

If your organisation still relies on benefits such as maternity leave and paid leave to retain employees then reaching out to an employee wellbeing expert can help you get the holistic services you need to ensure that employee wellbeing is a priority.

Simply having an easily accessible platform may not solve all of your problems, but it will help you create a workplace that puts the required focus on health and wellness. Having an effective solution will not only improve the lives of your employees but it will also create a workplace culture that attracts employees and retains them for years to come.

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