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What employee wellbeing platforms can do for your employees?

Today’s employees are extremely tech-savvy and with that comes the expectation for employers to switch to more modern ways of working—including employee wellbeing services.

Employees want more convenient and easily accessible wellbeing tools that they can access whenever they feel they require additional support, whether it’s resources like guides or even sessions with specialists who are experts in providing professional advice and guidance.

While having an employee wellbeing platform can be a great way to offer confidential, 24/7 support for employees who need it, it’s also a great way to provide employees with holistic services that target their emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing no matter where they are in their wellbeing journeys.

Wellbeing platforms can be a great way to help your employees reach their wellness goals no matter what their aims are and create a culture that empowers employees to thrive by making wellness a priority instead of an afterthought.

Empower employees with a resource-rich employee wellbeing platform

In 2023 employee health and wellbeing is sitting high on the agenda of many corporations.

With remote work taking precedence it’s important that employers offer support that’s accessible to anyone no matter the type of support they need. This is why having a wellbeing platform can be a welcome asset to help employees with the resources they need to thrive both at work and at home. Let’s take a closer look at the features which put our wellbeing platform a cut above the rest.

Access to experienced and skilled specialists

Whether it’s mental health, pregnancy loss, or men’s health, our wellbeing platform has specialists and resources that can help your employees prosper, no matter the challenges they face. With 24/7 access and 1:1 chat, video, or in-person support, employees have the option of selecting the type of support that they’re comfortable receiving without having to compromise.

Diverse training and support programmes

Kinhub also offers a range of programmes for its users with action plans, steps for self-reflection, and also sessions with specialists to help make your journey a smooth one. Get step-by-step support and expert guidance on how to work through personal and professional issues that may be impacting your life before they escalate into bigger and more serious challenges.

Guides targeted at employers and employees

When it comes to health and wellbeing, awareness is key. Our range of guides is aimed at both employees and employers who want to expand their knowledge about the setbacks that their colleagues and employees face. Since raising awareness about these issues is critical, we have developed guides that will help create awareness and generate an open dialogue.

Easy-to-use platform

Having a wellbeing platform is important, but it should be easy to use, since complicated platforms can discourage employees from making use of its features, regardless of how useful the platform may be. Remember that employees who seek help are already overwhelmed and having a platform that adds to that stress can contribute to making them feel worse.

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Kinhub’s insights on employee wellbeing frameworks

Struggling to get your employees to voice their concerns at work?

Our blog post—Ensuring your best people thrive by having the right wellbeing frameworks and benefits to support them—discusses how wellbeing frameworks impact employees and what they should look like. Click the button below to read our insights.

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