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Employee wellbeing initiatives for healthier workplaces

Employee wellbeing initiatives offer a multitude of physical and mental health benefits that helps to further wellness in the workplace and improves the overall quality of working environments. We can share expert-led insights on transforming wellness and morale in your workplace.

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Employee wellbeing initiatives

After decades of employers considering their employees to be nothing more than just another metric — today, employee health and wellbeing are taking centre stage.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that great work can often be halted by a low sense of wellbeing. When employees often feel ‘off’— whether it’s physically, mentally, or otherwise — the ability of employees to work effectively is affected.

It’s generally understood that employees don’t always feel amazing and don’t work at 100% capacity, every minute of the day. This is where employers can do a number of things to boost health and wellbeing in the workplace so that employees are more likely to feel their best selves at work.

Employee wellbeing initiatives can work their magic for your employee’s motivation which in turn does wonders for your organisation.

Wellbeing initiatives tailored to your employees

With only one in four UK businesses having wellbeing programs in place, it’s easy to understand that there is still much more to be done in the field of employee health and wellbeing—especially by employers.

Health and wellbeing initiatives should be carried out in conjunction with employees as these initiatives must directly address the challenges that employees face. Here are 5 wellbeing initiatives to inspire you to take charge of your employee wellbeing.

Financial education and support

Helping employees bridge their financial literacy gaps is something that employers can do as employees look for guidance, especially when it comes to savings, retirement, and pensions. Always keep in mind that financial wellness initiatives may not be received well if your employees don’t feel that they’re compensated adequately—so always take the temperature before you start an initiative focused on financial stability.

Learning and development opportunities

It may sound non-traditional for employee development initiatives to be part of a wellbeing program, but it should be, especially when there are changing perspectives around careers. To overcome the impacts of the Great Resignation, occupational wellness programs are a necessity. One way to incorporate this is by providing L&D opportunities that give team members a chance to invest in their careers in a meaningful way.

Set up for ergonomics success

It may be one of the least cool parts of physical health but ergonomics is increasingly in the spotlight when it comes to employee health and wellness. It’s easy to brush off ergonomics as a luxury, but if you get it right then it can promote the physical and muscular health of your employees. If you get it wrong, however, you could be causing your employees to experience aches and pains, on a regular basis.

Help tackle workplace burnout

With 46% of UK workers close to burnout, it’s easy to see how two relentless years of disappointments, uncertainty, fear, and pivoting have left employees feeling exhausted in the post-pandemic era. Plus, the economic downturn isn’t making the situation any better. With burnout impacting everyone, it’s important to have wellness initiatives in place that focus on mental health problems like anxiety and depression which could push employees over the edge.

Employee health benefits

Always keep in mind that health includes both physical and mental wellbeing. While having a healthy lifestyle has the power to improve overall health, it should not be limited to just fitness classes. Consider dedicating some effort toward the benefits of an ergonomic home office or even offering access to mental health professionals. The key is to offer health benefits that focus on a variety of aspects of an employee’s health and wellness.

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