Standing up for diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Key insights on creating a workplace where DEI is embedded into the workplace culture.

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Over the years diversity and inclusion have made some notable strides and even though DEI has come a long way, there are still challenges that marginalised communities including the LGBTQIA+ community still face when it comes to securing equal opportunities in the workplace.

With two-thirds of UK employees stating that they would switch their jobs if their employer didn’t prioritise DEI, leaders need to take a closer look at their processes and their own biases in order to create a genuinely inclusive workplace culture that values diversity.

At Kinhub we work with a team of employee wellbeing consultants who provide guidance and support that employees need to excel in their role, both at work and at home. In our guide—Standing up for diversity and inclusion in the workplace—we will give you the guidance you need to develop inclusive leaders and create a culture that values DEI.

Kinhub’s FREE guide offers insights on:

Supporting DEI in the workplace

Building inclusive leadership in an organisation

Promoting ongoing and varied DEI efforts

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