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driving employee retention programs through health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are some of the leading reasons employees switch companies, but with employee retention programs, you can create a healthy and happy workforce.

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why are health and wellbeing important for employee retention?

A lot of our time unfolds in the workplace, making it difficult for employees to have a healthy work-life balance. This is largely due to the health and wellbeing activities being overlooked. As a result, many employees are experiencing increased stress and productivity.

In order to counter this, businesses are recognising the importance of employee wellbeing in the workforce and many are implementing programs that promote better workplace health and wellbeing. When employees are happy and healthy in the workplace, employee retention gradually stops becoming an obstacle.

how employee wellbeing is a key driver of employee retention programs

Today, employees have many options when it comes to employment. This is why organisations need to offer their employees something that other workplaces don’t. Health and wellbeing are key drivers for many employees and directly impact the way they work and the quality of their work.

Research shows that 23% of employees are burned out at work while 44% feel burned out sometimes. The research also revealed that 63% of these employees are more likely to search for alternative employment.

While many organisations are implementing employee retention programs, the key focus is on using health and wellbeing to drive these programs. Here’s how you create a retention program centred around health and wellbeing.

grant access to mental health support

Many organisations have historically overlooked mental health in the workplace, but today, mental health awareness is becoming more and more prominent as employers offer access to the personalised support employees need to take control of their own health and empower them to create better working conditions that improve employee retention.

facilitate team-building exercises and collaboration

Employees need to feel that they’re part of a team. This plays a large role in an employee’s wellbeing since collaboration and teamwork are all part of an organisation. Team-building exercises are an important part of a healthy workplace and retention since employees who feel they are supported are much more likely to remain in their roles.

improve nutrition and physical health

Whether it’s regular physical activities or nutrition, workplaces need to focus on physical wellbeing. There are many research studies which state the positive impacts that physical activity and nutrition have on people. This means that workplaces that place importance on similar activities can help their employees improve their overall health.

host social clubs and activities

An employee’s responsibilities are important. In fact, this is the main reason they’re hired, but this doesn’t mean that they should solely be focused on their work. Organising social events and activities outside of their work responsibilities is a great way to help them unwind, take a break, and build social relationships with colleagues.

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