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What’s the role of employee wellbeing consultants in the workplace?

As the corporate world makes a seismic shift toward employee wellness, employers must shift their focus from traditional benefits to a more holistic approach covering physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing consultants are adept at helping organisations reach a number of health and wellness goals ranging from mindfulness to nutrition. A strategy rooted in wellness can also help enhance productivity and morale. In fact, studies have revealed that healthier employees have lower absenteeism rates, are more productive, and are far more likely to remain with the company.

Additionally, wellbeing consultants know how to refine these programs and initiatives to match the individual, team, or organisation to ensure that employees are making the most out of them. Should any changes need to be made to improve the program’s effectiveness, the consultants have the know-how and experience to make the necessary changes to help you.

Therefore, investing in employee health and wellness isn’t just a welcome benefit for your employees but a strategic business decision for your organisation.

How can employee wellbeing consultants help organisations to reach wellness goals?

Here’s something to think about, less than 50% of UK employers have a formal employee wellbeing initiative. 

With employees being more stressed and burned out than ever before, employers have a responsibility to focus on employee wellbeing. Taking this into consideration, businesses have opted to give mental health the spotlight. Still, experts say that a more holistic approach is required which can be difficult if businesses don’t have the right experience. This is where a wellness consultant can help.

Customising wellness for diverse needs

Every organisation has a diverse set of employees and this means that their wellness needs are just as diverse. An experienced consultant can help gather information and recommend improvements that can help employees get the most out of these programs whether they require one-on-one career development sessions or team-based activities to improve interpersonal skills.

Boosting employee education & engagement

Having a wellness program is great, but it doesn’t mean anything if your employees don’t know what they have in place or how it benefits them. As with any benefits program, employees aren’t fully aware of the range of services they have access to and employers may need to make a concerted effort to provide that information that helps improve engagement and employee education.

Leveraging professional relationships

Employee wellbeing consultants have developed strong relationships and have access to a network of resources that can improve the quality of the health and wellness initiatives implemented. With the many aspects of wellbeing, it’s important to have the right resources/resource personnel onboard. Wellbeing consultants can help your employees get the proper support they need.

Implementing industry best practices

Wellbeing consultants are familiar with the latest trends and best practices in the world of health and wellbeing. This is why they can offer the best wellness services for businesses that are looking to prioritise employee wellbeing. They’re capable of implementing new solutions based on current wellbeing data that are helping businesses prepare for the future.

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