The future of mental health initiatives in the workplace: What to expect in 2024

As wellbeing becomes more important, employers are giving more weight to mental health initiatives in the workplace—especially when looking to the future.


The majority of organisations are noticing the negative effects of mental health challenges in the workplace and according to the Business Group on Health’s 2024 Large Employer Healthcare Strategy Survey, 77% of employers reported that they’re seeing an increase in the need for mental health initiatives in the workplace.

What’s more interesting is that employers revealed that the interventions that they select are most likely to be online resources such as webinars, apps, and articles while simultaneously working with their healthcare providers to expand the mental health support they offer.

As the world evolves, organisations are changing their mindsets about mental health initiatives and how the right interventions can improve productivity and help develop top talent. While the future of mental health initiatives in the workplace is still being debated, there are certain expectations that could shape these interventions in 2024 that are worth exploring.

technology will make its mark on furthering mental health

Technology advancements are already making a mark on mental health, but it’s expected to accelerate in 2024. Businesses can expect to find more online employee wellbeing platforms, mental health practice management software, and other mental health software that help their employees get the support they need.

The purpose here is to give everyone equal access to support no matter where they are. With remote working being a norm in today’s organisations—and likely in the future—there is a need for initiatives that can be available anywhere.

employee assistance programmes will be more personalised

Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) have been around for a long time and in 2024, there will be some significant changes in making sure that these programmes aren’t designed for the masses but instead cater to the individual. 

The programmes will take into account the individual needs of every employee, creating bespoke plans that will address their unique mental health challenges. 

As organisations become more aware of the importance of mental health, there will also be a surge in resources aimed at a range of mental health issues as a result of workplace stressors. These EAPs will not just help employees overcome their struggles but they will also help the organisations that they work for.

right to disconnect

Many mental health struggles in the workplace arise from the inability to disconnect from their work lives and smoothly transition into their personal lives. Whether it’s late-night phone calls or emails over the weekend, today, many employees are stressed because their work responsibilities dominate every part of their lives.

But many are realising the detrimental impact this ‘always-on’ culture can have on an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. While many countries have already made this transition—France pioneered a law in 2017 that granted employees the legal right to ignore work communications outside working hours—the large global community is yet to make this shift.

In 2024, however, this could finally change as companies put initiatives or policies in place to disconnect after work hours and even shorten work weeks.

paid time off for volunteer work

Helping others is a great way to give your mental health a boost and employers are quickly making that connection. Giving employees the time to help their communities can make a big difference in their mental health.

Not only does it empower employees to make changes in their societies and communities but it also helps develop key skills that can contribute to their workplaces. At present, only 36% of UK employees are being offered paid time off for their volunteer work and in 2024, this figure is set to increase.

mental health initiatives in the workplace

2024 is presenting employers with an exciting opportunity to take another look at their mental health initiatives in the workplace and revamp their efforts. 

Embracing these initiatives gives you the potential to create a workplace where everyone can thrive—including the organisations as a whole.

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