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DEI strategies for better inclusivity and belonging

Strategies that drive DEI in the workplace aren’t simply about having diverse employees; it’s also about making sure that they’re empowered, engaged, and trusted within the workplace.

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why are strategies targeting DEI in the workplace important?

In the UK, 57% of employers report that DEI is a strategic priority when recruiting new staff. Another survey conducted by Glassdoor states that 76% of employees and job applicants view DEI to be important.

 Today, DEI is no longer just a moral imperative but a business imperative as well and with both employers and employees agreeing on the importance of DEI in the workplace, businesses need to revamp their efforts and establish new strategies that increase their existing DEI efforts.

Given the many benefits of DEI, organisations have already recognised the value of DEI and have implemented many programs that contribute to workforce development. For those that have, it’s all about increasing DEI with the right strategy.

increasing DEI in the workplace by building the right strategy

Ever wondered if you can do more for your workplace DEI strategy?

Weaving DEI into the fabric of your organisation involves more than just employing diverse people, and the strategies that you employ have to reflect this. While implementing DEI in your workplace is an important part of the DEI strategy, it’s also important to make sure that you implement the right strategy to increase DEI at work.

Let’s take a closer look at how organisations can do this.

create a mentorship program

Offering employees who come from under-represented groups the opportunity to gain better exposure through mentorship can create great strides in DEI. From popular concepts like breakfast with the CEO to cross-departmental shadowing, employees can move up the corporate ladder and secure better representation.

hold leaders accountable

One of the reasons DEI efforts fall behind over time is that leaders focus on the next great initiative, resulting in them falling behind on their continued involvement in existing DEI efforts. Employees need to hold their leaders accountable for the results—good or bad—and ensure the continued growth of DEI initiatives.

make sure benefits are inclusive

Evaluate your benefits programs to make sure that they support everyone in your organisation. Whether you have an employee experiencing grief due to a loss or are a same-sex couple navigating the complexities of adoption, ensure that everyone has the same resources available to them no matter their background.

ensure long-term DEI impact

DEI training is needed in organisations but studies find that they’re not impacting the workplace in the long term and don’t result in proper behavioural change among employees. For training to stimulate any kind of long-term change, it must be ongoing, interactive, and part of the overall organisational conversation.

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Kinhub’s insights on why DEI matters in the workplace

With more and more employees calling for DEI in the workplace, businesses are starting to listen while industry experts and critics pay close attention.

Our blog post—Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace: why it matters and how to foster it—discusses why DEI matters to the workplace and how decision-makers can promote it to make it part of their culture.

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