Lunch & Learn Workshops: Free Wellbeing Sessions For Your Team

Kinhub’s free Lunch & Learn Workshops are designed to help employees get the health and wellbeing support they need in bite-sized sessions. Read more, here.


Stemming from our mission to make health and wellbeing accessible to every employee, Kinhub will be offering free 30-minute sessions—led by an expert—for corporate teams during the months of May and June 2023.

These sessions are designed to accommodate busy working individuals and will be conducted over their lunch break either in-person or online depending on the preference of your employees.

With employee wellness being an essential and growing topic of discussion among employers it’s crucial that we shift from simply talking about employee wellbeing to taking the necessary steps to implement the required interventions.

More about Kinhub’s free 30-minute sessions

The Lunch & Learn Workshops offer 4 sessions that you can choose from whether you’re initiating or continuing your organisation’s wellbeing initiatives. Here’s a quick look at what each session has to offer.

Session #1: Training managers to be more empathetic leaders

A training session aimed at creating more empathetic, inclusive, and proactive leaders.

Session #2: Managing stress and overwhelm in the working day

Learn practical ways to reduce stress and overwhelm throughout the day. Our wellbeing expert will also discuss improving sleep and breathwork to make stress more manageable.

Session #3: Supporting and celebrating neurodivergence in your workplace

A session led by our neurodivergent specialist, aimed at helping you discover ways of adapting working practices and workplace culture to give team members with ADHD, autism and other neurodevelopmental challenges the tools they need to thrive.

Session #4: Supporting working parents find balance and motivation

The session will be conducted by our parenting and equity expert and is designed for all employees. We will discuss how employees can support working parents whether they are returning to work after parental leave, have a young child, or are helping someone that does. Employees will be given the tools they need to support their fellow employees who have caring responsibilities.

Why you should sign up

Employee wellbeing isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s an important part of your employee’s growth and development within the company and outside of it.

While many businesses are shifting towards a more employee wellbeing centred agenda, many do not have the proper tools in place to implement the right interventions in a way that creates a long-term impact.

Kinhub’s Lunch & Learn Workshops connect your teams with an expert in the field who can provide guidance and advice on practical ways of making wellbeing a priority for everyone.

Learn more about Lunch & Learn

If you would like to know more about these sessions or would like to set up an in-person or online session for your staff, then please reach out to Ola Afolabi by clicking the button below.

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