People Professional and Occupational Psychologist

Victoria Keil


Victoria has 17 years of experience as a People Professional and Occupational Psychologist, working across a multitude of large global organisations. In the last 6 years, she has worked in tech start-ups and scale-ups, and for the last 3 years, Victoria has been building out her role as a coach, supporting all levels from junior managers through to C-suite professionals and founders with both business and life coaching.

Primarily working in the tech sector, she has worked with an amazing array of clients, from leadership and team coaching in global companies to private, 1:1 sessions with professionals and entrepreneurs. Her work has helped her clients achieve goals such as career changes, promotions, and increased business revenues as well as more universal goals such as increased self-confidence, improved work/life balance, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Victoria’s background as a Psychologist lends itself well to coaching and enables her to explore a little deeper with her clients if it helps them achieve a better outcome.


BSc Psychology

MSc Occupational Psychology

Level A + Level B Psychometrics


Business and Life Coaching (Barefoot - ICF accredited)

Postgraduate Certificate, Business and Personal Coaching (in progress)


Leadership coaching

Anxiety, stress, and burnout

Imposter syndrome

Profiling (psychometrics)

Career coaching

Wellbeing (nutrition, sleep, mental health, burnout, grief. and loss

Professional development (work/life coaching, productivity coaching)