Financial Wellbeing Coach

Martha Lawton


As a money coach, I use a combination of simple practical actions to get you on the right track and coaching exercises to help you understand your money beliefs and let go of the ones that no longer serve you. I’ll help you take practical steps to offload your money baggage and find ways to manage your finances that work for you by building habits and systems for managing your money that you can actually sustain. The result is increased knowledge and confidence in choosing the right financial products for your needs.

Financial coaching has become my real passion, giving people peace of mind and a brighter financial future. Money can be an emotional topic so expressing how you feel is an important step before absorbing technical information, allowing you to manage your money in line with your personal values and focus on what really matters. I help unpack the psychological baggage about money to help reframe your thinking and put money in its proper place.


Financial Coach Practitioner Certification

Certificate in Financial Planning (Chartered insurance institute)

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

  • Money management
  • Financial wellbeing 
  • Managing the emotional side of money 
  • Improving financial engagement 
  • Supporting vulnerable customers
  • Training and e-learning on financial wellbeing.