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Find out more about how Kinhub has supported employee and student wellbeing at universities.

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How wellbeing is making a difference

Whether you’re looking to instigate a shift in leadership behaviours and culture in your organisation or a working professional or student attending university, wellbeing has the potential to change the dynamic and individuals lives..

Here’s how Kinhub made its mark on empowering its clients.


reported that they were better able to balance study and life’s demands after receiving coaching


said they would re-engage their internship organisation for future work opportunities


of students said they were likely to complete their studies

why do clients continue to choose Kinhub

"Our team is diverse in ethnicity and gender. They come from a variety of countries - Greece, America, China - there’s a big mix of cultures in the department. A one fits all just isn’t going to work so it felt important to be able to offer a diverse selection of coaches. Kinhub made that important element easy."

The University of Exeter Business School

"I feel like coaching with Kinhub had a therapeutic value, as so many of the issues that hindered me were deeply personal, and yet had a major impact on my professional life and career. Even after a few sessions of being fully listened to was such a valuable experience. I do feel like something clicked, and I am very appreciative of this."

Student testimonial, Oxford University

"Kinhub guides and supports working parents through their parenting journey with different journeys, articles, consultants "and a one-to-one chat.

Medical science professional & new mother

Learn more about how Kinhub has supported employees and students at universities.

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