Monigho Griffin

Certified Life Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Mental health


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Certificate of Life Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming  

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Menopause coach

Life coach

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Like many other females, I was unaware of the possible menopause symptoms. It all started when I was suddenly finding it harder to express myself, remember, and concentrate. Eventually, I self-diagnosed Dementia and decided I would bravely carry on and not burden my family with this news. But I was relieved when I discovered—purely by accident—that it was another menopause symptom. Knowing you are not well and not knowing why, causes a lot of additional anxiety and stress.

I have utilised a decade of coaching and teaching experience to devise a coaching programme that will give you more clarity, confidence, and courage by providing you with the awareness of the symptoms and the skills which will help to minimise their effects or help you cope with them better.