Marilyn Devonish

Productivity Coach

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  • Accelerative Learning
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Mental Wellness
  • Behaviour Management
  • Coaching
  • BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Post Graduate Diploma

Marilyn Devonish has been a Coach since October 2000, delivering everything from private 1-1 sessions, to designing and delivering corporate coaching programs in central and local government for over 1,000 people. She has worked with clients aged 7 to 70 and her work spans a number of industries including finance, education, retail, banking, central and local government, IT, engineering, construction, marketing, health and wellbeing, science, and law.

Marilyn has excellent interpersonal and communication skills and specialises in accelerative learning and performance enhancement. She has the ability to combine a meticulous, analytical approach to detail with a creative and innovative flair for problem solving that she successfully brings to help both individuals and organisations achieve increases in productivity, improved interdepartmental synergy, sharper organisational focus, enhanced performance, and lasting change and transformation.

She has a fun, relaxed, information-rich teaching style and her background in Accelerated Learning allows her to create a transformational learning experience whatever the occasion. Known as The NeuroSuccess Coach, Marilyn enables her clients to gain access to the inner workings of their mind and transform unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviours forever.