Jenn Grindeland

Neurodiversity and Invisible Disabilities Communication Specialist

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Invisible disabilities 
Chronic illness 
Energy management
Wellbeing (nutrition, sleep, mental health, burnout, grief, and loss)
Professional development (work/life coaching, productivity coaching)
Supporting managers in their role or with specific topics

Master of Organisational Leadership
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Certified Yoga Teacher

After experiencing two traumatic brain injuries while working as part of a team, Jenn witnessed how confused her supervisors and peers were with how to handle her needs in the workplace. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Organisational Leadership, she saw how her unique experience and education could illuminate a new pathway for companies to create more awareness and inclusion in their teams. 

Today, she teaches team leadership and communication skills that are thoughtfully designed to support equity for and inclusion of neurodivergent and invisibly disabled employees. Through this work, all team members benefit from improved culture, productivity, and retention.