Dr. Amanda Gummer


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  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Parent Centred Parenting
  • Child Play & Toys
  • Child Development
  • Working Parents & Work-Life Balance
  •  PhD in Neuropsychology
  • Member of the The International Toy Research Association, the British Psychological Society, LIMA, and Play England

Dr. Amanda Gummer is the UK's go-to expert on play, toys, and child development. She has published her practical approach in her book "Play: Fun ways to help your children develop in the first 5 years", and, as a research psychologist specialising in child development, Dr. Gummer has created three organisations, all of which promote the value of play and positive parenting in child development: Fundamentally Children, FUNdamentals, and the Good Toy Guide Ltd.

As an expert on parental health (and founder of the Parent-Centred Parenting model), Dr. Gummer offers support through a refreshingly easy-to-adopt yet incredibly effective approach to family life that resonates with parents. Her work focuses on helping you succeed at parenting by making small but significant changes to your day-to-day routine (which is totally doable!).